Wednesday, May 20, 2009

nice read

It's no secret here that I'm a huge fan of h(y)rcollective and all they do. The daily blog is probably the best practical mens' wear blog out there. Ryan always presents wearable, relevant options at all sorts of price points. On top of it all, they have good taste.

The real highlight is THE magazine. Especially this edition. For sure a great read for anyone interested in fashion in general. The interview with the designers behind Ralph Lauren's Rugby line is really interesting. To hear designers' real feelings on blogs is certainly a must read. Another favorite was the feature on Red Wing shoes and a tour of their factory. I could go on and on.

Make sure to check it out for more info on THE duffel too. An interview with the designer as well as more insight into how the bag was created. There's only 25 of these beauts. So if you want one, you better move fast. For a limited edition,hand made bag, $300 bucks isn't so bad.

Also highlighted is THE oxford by Gitman Bros. This is the shirt you drop hints about around anyone who remotely may give you a present in the near future. Say you're out shopping with your girlfriend. You'll say things like: "You know what every guy needs? A good oxford. Which is hard to come by these days..." Then just trail off wistfully. A few hours later, at dinner, bring it up subtly again: "A solid oxford is the male equivalent of a little black dress. You can dress it up under a suit with a tie, or wear it with denim." If you don't think they're getting the hint, just hurry up and buy it yourself, they're gonna go quick too. For my two cents, this is the shirt to get this season.

I'm really excited to see that the h(y)r crew are opening a store and branching out into making product. It's good to see their focus is almost entirely on construction, materials, and usability. They are making stuff that you could keep for a long time. Jump over to their spot and let them know what you think.


AsianCajuns said...

An oxford shirt is the equivalent of our LBD? You are so right!!

AsianCajuns said...

ps- Green Jeans, have no fear of the South! I swear we're friendly and that charm thing isn't a lie. If your road trip takes you to the ATL- let us know!

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