Monday, May 4, 2009

nice denim

It's no secret that mall powerhouses like the Gap and J.Crew were, for a little while, well, a little bland. I never really was into the Gap brand (especially after they murdered banana republic-remember when it was all Hemingway and safari?) and J.Crew was a popular choice in high school. Both brands have recently shown signs that they are really stepping their games up. J. Crew with redwing collaborations and a refocus on quality material (selvage chambray shirts for $98 anyone?). Now the Gap brings us a resurgence of their '1969' premium denim line. Normally this means expensive jeans that aren't really much different than their regular line. Not so this time you jaded hipster. Medium-weight raw selvage denim? For around 60 bucks? 60 bucks?! Check out men's style for more info on the new denim. 

For some bloggers out there, it's no secret that I lament the dearth of diffusion lines for men. H&M, topshop, uniqlo, etc. all normally have a whole slew of pretty cool designers for their womens' collections. But now I'm happy us guys don't get the same treatment. I'd rather get raw denim, quality linen, chambray, and other materials at my mall stores. I think if that's what qualifies as 'disposable' fashion for men, then I can't really complain, can I?


Lauren said...

I've never been a gap fan, unlike J.Crew which has its moments (and more and more of those lately), but these, I may just have to steal for myself.

asiancajuns (Lauren) said...

I'm beginning to get over the designers-for-cheap because I'm always disappointed with the cut or design and realize I'm buying it just for the name. Now I'm sooooo jealous of you guys! I think I'll have to steal some too ;)

Bonnie Klyde said...

I have to say gap really is stepping up their game. I was recently in there shopping with my godbrothers and I was totally amazed at the stuff they had there. It really had character. It's also quality which is great because I always start to feel sympathetic when shopping with guys for stuff that is cheap and style that is way too contrived. Thanks for the comment! I wish girls would wear more dresses too. I guess I'll just have to set an example!

wrennybird said...

I'm so happy someone else remembers how amazing Banana Republic used to be. I'll never forgive the Gap for that. Never.

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