Thursday, April 16, 2009

stuff to do

I'm a big fan of a time to get it's a great blog, with great photos and really interesting content. Over my morning tea (I don't really drink tea every morning, but my popo would be proud today) I saw that there's going to be a pine wood derby this summer! 

So being from Detroit, the Motor City, I almost feel obligated to make the trip out to L.A. and race. Although carrying the D on my shoulders probably isn't too great an idea, especially since the last time I even touched one of these cars I was like 9 years old. 

For those of you who don't know, Pine Wood Derbies are the nascar of the Cub Scouts. An annual race where all the packs get together to race their wooden cars. I loved the derby. I still remember working with my dad in the basement, detailing all the technical specs that would make my racer the next mach 5. There's nothing like racing something you built. And like Nick says, the derby is "...the most fun activity that lends itself to betting and shit talking..."

So hopefully I'll see some of you out there?


Shini said...

ah I neveer knew something like this existed, can't imagine how exciting it'd be though, to actually tuning (? so useless at this male jargon) your derby to get it raced :D

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