Saturday, April 18, 2009

stuff for your girl

I really like this dress. I love a girl that likes a good pocket. Half practical and half whimsy; pockets on dresses always get me. This suspender strap dress from Nasty Gal Vintage will win your girl hearts and minds all over the world. 

Get your girl a scarf this summer. A polka dot balenciaga scarf means not only do you care, but you have good taste as well. Get it at nasty gal too. 

Instead of taking my advice on stuff girls might like, how about some actual girls? The AsianCajuns are no doubt stylish and superb shoppers and their favorites from Heliotrope are perfect for that special someone. 


wrennybird said...

Yep. You have good taste.

dapper kid said...

I am in love with that first dress!

Shini said...

you should dress your girl, you have good taste, definitely.

Bonnie Klyde said...

That scarf is amazing. You really do have good taste.

AsianCajuns said...

We've been MIA (internet-wise) so I just saw this! Thank you so much for mentioning this, GJ!

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