Friday, April 3, 2009

my stuff

There's a vintage clothing and fabrics show going on in Southfield this weekend. I went today (the first day) since I figured the pickings would be better early on. As I expected, only a tiny minority of the vendors featured any worthwhile menswear. Why is it that vintage buyers think men only want to buy bowling shirts and cheeky t-shirts? I did spy a few Pendleton blazers, but they were beat to hell and the prices were non-negotiable. I ended up getting this wool jacket. It looks like it's from around the '50s. I think it'll work well in these early Spring months, especially since it snowed here just a few days ago. 


Lesley said...

What a great buy!!! And you should start your own vintage vendor shop and show them how it's done! :-)

dapper kid said...

Love the plaid jacket :) Argh and I do hate how most mens vintage have rather slim pickings compared to the gorgeous womenswear finds!

victoria thorne said...

nice. iconic. great pick.

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