Sunday, March 15, 2009

nice spring/summer gear

Spring is certainly on its way. Time for you hipsters to break out those fixed gears and hot new kicks. Personally, I think I'm more of a single-speed guy. I like to coast a little in life sometimes. 

I always hesitated getting Supreme  gear because I never really skateboarded and couldn't shake the feeling that I was posing. I would rock this tank though. Simple and sweet. The Supreme crew has been pushing weight for a long time now. Plus it's cooler than rocking the same americanapparel one as everyone else.  

Shorts are still hard to come by, but this pair from wings+horns are a great option. Wool shorts are a nice change from all the chinos and denim. Wear them with a t-shirt or with an oxford. Sneakers or those brogues I want. The slim trend for shorts definitely gets cosigned. Just keep the cargo pockets off and the inseams a healthy length.  Nobody likes booty shorts on their man. 

Another closet find. These nike oregon waffle racers are my favorite sneaker. I like to think Pre rocked a pair quite like this. I first got them at a random shop in Montreal on Ste. Catherine. They had tons of them for like 20 dollars a pair. I should've bought a bunch, since they're kind of hard to come by now. Especially the green and yellow colorway. These are my second pair, the first pair aren't really fit for photographing anymore. If you find these in an eleven, I'll be your best friend forever. 


The Haute-Shopper said...

Good choices for a Spring wardrobe. I've seen so many guys get it wrong before. Love your blog!

wrennybird said...

I'm digging the shorts. Not too short. But not too long either. I hate "manpris".

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