Sunday, March 1, 2009

nice blazers

Evidently, girls like boys who wear blazers. I have to say, they're on to something. A few quick rules. Fit, fit, and fit. Other than that, wear pretty much anything underneath it and you'll be okay.

Nom de guerre is the brand that, although spendy, will never really let you down. I normally prefer 3 buttons, but this 2 button blazer has a nice stance. This one I could wear everyday. Get it at Oki-ni.

I like gray. Plus everyone has a navy blue or black blazer. This Hope jacket is quite nice. Pick it up here.

This Opening Ceremony jacket may be navy, but I bet not too many of your friends have a knit wool blazer. The nice change of texture makes all the difference. Since I have a lot of jackets, this is the one I'd buy. You can buy it here.


Lesley said...

I LOVE boys who wear blazers! Too bad none of my boys wear blazers! *sigh* I think my current boy dresses like a tree. Green on top, brown on bottom. It's the personality that counts right? :-/

wrennybird said...

Quite right. Blazers should be a closet staple for you guys. I've helped several male friends pick their first ones out and the transformation was amazing. It won't just sharpen up your look, gents, it'll sharpen up your attitude.
P.S. Love the grey blazer.

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