Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my stuff

What's in my bag now. Antenna magazine, McSweeney's Quaterly Concern vol. 13, Asus 904hd, palm phone, and pentax optio s4 (I keep it in the altoids tin).  
Antenna's always good for great product shots, spot checks, and the occasional interview. It's always fun to peruse all the gear in the magazine for inspiration. 

McSweeney's is hard to see in this photo. It comes with a great dust jacket that folds out to display a ton more comics. Also hidden inside the dust jacket were two mini comics. The small details really make this book. Edited by Dave Eggars, this issue was also guest edited by Chris Ware. I love Chris Ware's artwork, the paneling is always really complex and engrossing.  And for all you npr nerds, Ira Glass wrote the preface. 

I love my pentax digital camera. It's small, takes great pictures, and also takes small video clips. The fact that it fits in the tin means I can pretty much take it anywhere. No excuse now for missing good photos. I've had this camera for a few years, it's solid, with great construction, and a quality lens. 

The Asus eeepc is my new favorite. At around 9 inches, this computer is small and portable. I never really understood getting a huge notebook. I guess ultimately, you can take them places, but I feel they're fragile and too expensive. This asus has 1gb of ram, which I'm about to double for about 25 bucks from crucial. Even 1gb is really enough to run anything I need-photoshop, browsers, and word processors. Plus it's really light. Basically the same size as McSweeney's, it's perfect for traveling without crimping on the keyboard size or display quality.  


yulanda said...

That Altoids tin is the best thing ever.

Lesley said...

I'm thinking about getting a mini computer thingy. But I'm worried it'll break when I sit on it! I'm kind of accident prone and clumsy. Any tips? lol

Shini said...

Ooooh the altoids tin, so good, is it recent though? it looks quite vintage in design!(obviously could've been done purposely, so)
You have an Asus huh, don't you just love it...I have an Acer Aspire and really just love whipping it out of the bag anywhere and not have to worry about it being too heavy or whatnot...

you know, this is really interesting, to see inside a guy's bag :P

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