Thursday, March 12, 2009

h(y)r collective magazine

h(y)r collective is like your cooler friend. Somehow, they're always one step ahead of you, but never condescending. Like when they see your devin the dude cd and then next thing you know they hook you up with the Odd Squad album. 

The h(y)r collective blog is certainly a daily read for me. Tightly edited, with great information, photos, and sources, ryan really does a great job. I have no idea how he comes up with so much content to post. 

A real highlight of every month (now 2 months) is the magazine. The magazine highlights the real potential of the internet as a media outlet. The photography is top notch and rivals most print magazines. An added bonus to every episode is an excellent playlist. Never overpowering, I really enjoy listening while I read. h(y)r highlights the best in the menswear industry. The interview subjects are spot on; featuring interesting, extremely influential individuals. The best thing about the magazine is that it seems a natural extension of their personal styles. It seems effortless. H(y)r Collective is probably one of the better magazines out there period. 


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