Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine's day

Ah Valentine's day. What once was a simple celebration of the coming of spring and fertility is now a day fraught with last minute rose purchases and a whole lot of marketing. Now I don't really believe all the hype, but you should get her something, right? My personal thought? Just give her nice things all the time, for no reason at all. Then, things like birthdays and v-days won't be so stressful.

You didn't listen and order that Reform School poster did you? Go ahead make her that mixtape. It's probably like getting a popsicle stick picture frame as a gift; it's full of love, but it's just not as cool as a nice pair of shoes. If you must, throw on 'Better Job' by One for the team. Who wouldn't want to move to Brooklyn and get internships at matador records? Remember, just cause John Cusack does it in a movie doesn't mean it's actually that cool/romantic in real life.

Too cool for school? You're probably thinking lingerie, right? Now, personally I always thought in the back of her head, a girl thought a gift of lingerie a tad presumptuous and maybe a little selfish. But, evidently, as long as you have taste, a nice gift will always be appreciated. Guys, that doesn't mean go to lover's lane and pick up whatever you saw the girls wearing at the....ballet. No links here creeper. Go look for it yourself.

Planning a trip would be cool. Go someplace not like home. Probably some place warm.

Skip flowers. Chocolate maybe. I'd go shoes. Or gloves. Something still kind of small that will come in a box.

But don't just take my word for it: I asked a few bloggers their thoughts about the holiday. Here was the questionnaire:
  1. Valentine's Day, big deal?
  2. Lingerie, yes or no?
  3. What do you get your Valentine?
  4. Flowers, chocolate, or shoes?
  5. Worst Valentine's Day gift?
  6. If it were a getaway where to?

What did the inimitable Kristopher Dukes have to say?
  1. "Everything in life is what you make of it."
  2. "Lingerie is like any other gift -- appreciated, so long as the giver has taste."
  3. "A lady'll never tell. Or she'll lie."
  4. "An Aston Martin?"
  5. "Once I was presumptuous and gave myself an njoy 'Pure' wand. Wait, did you say, 'worst'?"
  6. "Hmm, away."

What did our favorite Binghamton fashionista Lesley, from dear lord...the CHEESE think?
  1. "Personally, I don't think that Valentine's Day is that big of a deal. I think that it's the little things that you and your partner do for each other that really show how you feel. Like why do I need a day to tell me that I should show the person I love that I love him? He should already know."
  2. "Appropriate. I love lingerie. It's fun!"
  3. "He gets me. Isn't that enough? Or some clothes."
  4. "Flowers. Hate. Chocolate. Love. Shoes. Love Love."
  5. "I can't complain about anything."
  6. "Someplace HOT. I live up in the arctic tundra so I'd like a tan."

In general, if she's cool, Valentine's day really isn't going to be that big of a deal. She'll smile at whatever you get her and look amazing for your date that night. So don't sweat it.


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Hahaha loves it! :-)

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