Friday, February 20, 2009

stuff for your girl

So I know everyone here is generally in agreement with this, but how about if we say no to cargo shorts, you girls say no to uggs? I might sort of understand if you live somewhere with a real winter, but then it's sort of a begrudging understanding. Kind of like a weak self defense argument for murder. Sure, it was a scary situation, but did you need to shoot 24 times? I totally have a soft spot for girls in wellingtons. I don't know why, I think it's a much cooler look. So get her these Tretorn ones. The matte finish is a nice contrast to all the glossy boots out there. Plus spring showers are coming... Get it at karmaloop.

I really like high heels that cover the whole foot. These oxfords by opening ceremony are great. I bet if your girl likes these she is sharp and clever in all the right places.

Don't think she'll bite on the wellingtons? Already got her a pair of heels? How about these moccasins by Asos? They would look so cool with nice denim. If you met a girl randomly and she was wearing these, she'd totally end up taking you on a great adventure. She'd tell you she was in a band and at first you'd be all bummed like we all are when we hear someone really cute is 'in a band'. But then they'd play for you and she'd be a cross of Siouxsie and the girl from the ting tings. At the end of the night, you would totally marry her, with the only caveat that she be herself forever.


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