Friday, January 30, 2009

my stuff

So in my new year's post I promised that I'd show you what I got with my lucky money. Well, although it's a few days later than promised, I didn't want to let my (imaginary) readers down.

First, I got new specs. Tortoise shell. Big. Prescription? Let's just say I'm so nearsighted if you looked through these you could see the man on the moon without squinting. I know I know everyone is pushing big glasses. But I actually need them. I got the frames from Norbert and lenses done by a local place.

Second, a tie. Barneys Co-op is having a pretty good sale. I picked up this 100% cashmere tie by them for a steal. Lots of good paul smith on sale too.


AsianCajuns said...

Not imaginary!
Love the glasses... I'm a fellow nearsight-er. My glasses are "feather-weighted" and still look like coke bottle bottoms. Thank the lordy for contacts.

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