Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kristopher Dukes

First, I'll admit that I am a sucker for girls with boys' names. I don't know why. I've flirted with the idea of naming my future daughter with a boy's name but was reticent only because I figured any offspring of mine would suffer enough abuse without having a different gender's name. But if Kristopher Dukes is any indication, girls with boys' names are everything I project on them; smart, funny, sexy, and confident.

Kristopher's blog is like a reification of all that is good in fashion journalism. She does not take herself too seriously (although seriously enough to always be wearing high heels) and she doesn't take fashion too seriously. Rather than a sycophantic blog that heralds the 'next big thing' or heaps praises on designers, hers is a blog that expresses her unique take on fashion.

Although I've never met her nor even spoken with her in person, I have a feeling Kristopher Dukes is one of those women everyone falls in love with at some point. She's been cooler than you since she was 5 and is more accomplished than most writers twice her age. Her vernacular is classy and sartorial and she probably walks better in 5 inch heels than you do in Air Force Ones. Plus she rocks a bob and has way before you thought about it since you saw Posh Spice with the bob she ripped off of Nancy Kwan. (google it)

All this praise and I've barely even spoken about her blog. That's probably because her blog, even though accessible and enjoyed by people all over the world, seems like a natural extension of her personality and sensibilities. It shows her penchant for sexy heels, flapper-inspired dresses, and her loathing of overly designed pieces. But it also shows her real skill as a writer. She takes her craft seriously and is good at it.

So, girls, please start biting Kristopher's style. Immediately. It would make the world a better place, I promise. And guys check out the blog but be careful, it may make all those girls who wear uggs and hard tail pants simply unbearable. But perhaps it's better we don't strive for women like Ms. Dukes. They'd just break our hearts anyways...


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